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Title: Atom Probe Microscope
Description: The Local Electrode Atom Probe (LEAP) 4000X HR is located in CCEM - ABB B161. It allows for 3D analysis of materials at the sub-nanometer scale. Materials are examined by successive field-evaporation of ions. The collected data is then reconstructed to yield a 3D computer model of the material, offering an unparalleled combination of spatial and compositional accuracy. In addition to the traditional method of high-voltage pulsing to induce field evaporation, the LEAP 4000X HR also uses an ultraviolet laser (355nm wavelength). The capability for laser pulsing expands the range of potential materials for analysis from metals, alloys, semiconductors to ceramics, minerals and bio-materials. Analyses include dopants in semiconductors, alloying elements, concentration profiles with atomic sensitivity and clustering.
Show more details: McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
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Photographer: Georgia Kirkos